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Ance Var

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10 Ance Var per clarinetto: “standard” e “3.1”

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Var, produced in France in the Provence region, Var department, recognized as the best area for growing cane.


Passion and quality

All materials do not contain chemical additives. The reeds are produced starting from tubes of different diameters and are selected and cut by hand in the laboratory.

Ease of Response
The Vars feature a slimmer profile, making them ideal for both students and professionals. Thanks to their design they offer an excellent response and greater fullness of sound.

Classical and Jazz
The reeds come in two versions: “3.1” and “standard”. The former give a more rounded and homogeneous sound thanks to a greater thickness on the heel, the latter remain more malleable and therefore are better for jazz.




Hi I’m the prof. Mario Zanette I have already bought the Var reeds for clarinet and
I must say that they go beyond my expectations; even the elastic collar is a
functional and adjuvant idea in teaching work but not only, I must
confess that by now I’m playing steadily with the collar and I feel good
above all in unloading weight and muscle tension.

Grazie per aver introdotto nel mercato italiano queste ottime ance.
Ho aperto una scatola del 2 ½ con diffidenza, ne ho provate 5 di cui 4 perfette e una leggermente debole.
Lascio a voi le considerazioni.

Mi sono arrivate le ance che vi ho ordinato, volevo segnalarvi la mia più completa soddisfazione, grazie.
Pensavo che non ci fosse alternativa alle tradizionali ance, per fortuna mi sbagliavo..
Spett. Eufonia, ho acquistato le ance Var per i miei allievi, credendo, visto il prezzo molto contenuto, che
fossero per studenti, le ho provate e sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso della qualità della canna,
il perfetto bilanciamento nell’intonazione e nella proiezione del suono. Da oggi userò VAR.

I have received the package of new reeds, thanks for the speed. I took them to
the Conservatory and my Maestro said they are fine. He didn’t know them
and thanked me for discovering these new reeds. He has already advised my
classmates to use them. I think you like it. Simona


2, 2½, 3, 3½


Standard, 3.1

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